$99 Tune Up Special

21 Point A/C or Heating Tune-Up

$99 Special
Learn about our 21 Point A/C Tune-Up

Hot summer ahead, just like every year since the dawn of time. It’s not like we didn’t know. It happens every year. It gets hot. Really hot. Then we both get to deal with it.

You want your cooling system to do its job all summer without getting robbed on energy bills.
We get hundreds of calls from people who didn’t think about it until it was too late—Energy savings are over.

Smart Move: The first thing you do is take control of your cooling system now. Make sure it’s ready for summer and that it’ll save you the most energy, too.

Even Smarter: Let Smoak’s Comfort Control perform our 21 Point Tune-Up. This can save energy dollars and avoid repairs. It’s normally $129 and worth every penny.

Guarantee 1: If our tune-up doesn’t save you its entire cost in energy in the first 90 days, I’ll pay you the difference. (That’s like free!)

Guarantee 2: If you don’t like our service, my tech, the color of our uniforms – whatever – I’ll give you your money back.

Guarantee 3: If you’re a/c system breaks down this summer, I’ll give you back the price of the tune-up when we repair your system.

You either love the service and save money or it’s on us.