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    Why Does My Toilet Make a Whining Sound When I Flush?

    Wednesday, July 29, 2015  |  Smoak's Comfort Control

    Residential Plumbing Repair

    Plumbing issues can ruin your home—and your budget—overnight. It helps if you know the warning signs for real problems, as well as signs of nuisances that can wait for services. A whining toilet can be alarming for more than one reason. The next time you flush and the action is followed by a screeching sound, make sure to get a qualified repairperson on the line.

    If your toilet is whining, you may need to replace or repair one of the following:

    • The ballcock assembly needs to be replaced or repaired. The ballcock joint is a plastic piece found in the inner workings of your toilet tank. The tank and bowl refill tubes and the float ball lever are connected to it, making it a hub of action every time the toilet is flushed.

    • The refill valve or seal is damaged. A flapper or seat ball sits at the bottom of the toilet tank. It rises during a flush to empty out water and create the pressure needed for drawing more water into the toilet. Under the seat ball is the flush valve seat. If there is clogging, cracking or another disturbance at these points, it can also create a whining, screeching or high-pitched drone after a toilet flush.

    • Many homeowners can’t diagnose this problem because they don’t have the experience or tools necessary for the job. Once diagnosed, however, fixing a refill valve or ballcock assembly can be difficult for novice plumbers. To fix the problem, stop the whining and prevent any unnecessary losses of water, it’s best to hire a reliable professional to do the work.

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