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    What to Look for in Your Sump Pump If It Is Making a Disturbing Noise

    Thursday, August 23, 2018  |  Smoak's Comfort Control


    Is your sump pump making some weird noises? Find out from the plumbing experts what the noises mean and what you should do.

    When your plumbing starts making noises, you know trouble may be brewing. Toilet gurgles—you may have slow or blocked drains. Faucet whistles—you may have an obstruction. But what about sump pumps? They can make some disturbing noises, but it’s not something the typical homeowner usually knows off the top of his or her head.

    Let’s take a look at some common sump pump noises, and what you should watch out for if you hear them.

    The Dreaded Gurgle

    Gurgling is a common sound in the world of plumbing problems, but when it comes to your sump pump, it may mean something different than what you expect. The gurgle is often a result of water moving through the pipes during the discharge if you are using a standard check valve. It doesn’t mean there’s a real problem, but if the sound is disturbing your peace, you might consider a different type of valve, such as a spring-loaded valve that better manages the water flow.

    Clanging and Banging

    Yep, this can be disturbing, especially in the middle of the night! These sounds are typically a result of the pipe slamming against the well wall or sump pump basin as the water discharges. There are a couple of things you can do:

    • Wrap insulation around the pipe to lessen the noise.
    • Apply stoppers (often made of rubber) on the bottom of the sump pump lid.
    • Last resort if the other two don’t work: consider that the pump may have been installed incorrectly and you may need to get professional help to reroute the piping so it isn’t banging against other components.

    If you hear a noise coming from your sump pump and feel concerned, it’s always a good idea to contact a plumbing team you can trust. At Smoak’s Comfort Control, our experienced plumbers will find out what the issue is quickly and go to work to keep your sump pump from disturbing the peace. Get in touch with us online now to connect with one of our plumbing experts

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