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    Is a Heat Pump More Efficient Than an Air Conditioner?

    Wednesday, April 06, 2016  |  Smoak's Comfort Control

    HVAC Installation Technician Standing By Home Cooling System

    Are you building a new home or thinking of replacing your old heating and air conditioning system? In the Charleston area, there are lots of good reasons to go with a heat pump instead of other system types. Especially if you’ve moved to this area from an area that experiences harsh winters, the whole idea of a heat pump might be a bit foreign. While air conditioning units are an excellent choice in some regions, heat pumps are a more cost-efficient option for homes in our temperate climate.

    What Differentiates Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps?

    The two types of HVAC systems have a similar design, provide both cooling and heating and use both outdoor and indoor coils to transfer refrigerant. During compression, the refrigerant becomes hot. In the expansion coils, the refrigerant becomes cold.

    Air conditioning units restrict the direction of this process and limit expansion and cooling to the indoor coils. Heat pumps allow that the process is reversed and that the indoor coil is used for compression when the air needs to be cooled or for expansion when the indoor air needs to be heated.

    Which Is the Most Effective Heating and AC Unit?

    When you choose the right system for your home, you need to take into account both your current budget and your long-term interests. As far as energy or fuel consumption is concerned, the difference is substantial not only between pumps for heating and air conditioning systems but also between systems in the same category. The key to minimizing expenses, besides choosing the right brand and model, is buying a system of the right size.

    How to Choose the Right Heating and AC System for Your Home

    The first step to take is to determine the capacity of the air conditioner or heat pump your home needs. Only then can you start reviewing various brands, models and suppliers in search for the best offer. We will be happy to help you determine what kind of equipment will be the best fit for your space and your budget.

    Do you have no idea how to determine the capacity of the device you need or what aspects to consider when looking for the best? Get in touch with reliable professionals who will provide you with all the information you need and help you choose the best heating and air conditioning system for your home, your comfort, and your budget.

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