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    Two Things to Do When Your Commercial AC Won’t Turn On

    Thursday, June 21, 2018  |  Smoak's Comfort Control


    If your AC doesn’t work, try a few things before contacting professional commercial services.

    Commercial services will fix practically any HVAC issue your business might have, but sometimes what seems like a major problem doesn't require the services of an HVAC professional. So, the next time your commercial air conditioner doesn't work, try these simple troubleshooting tasks before calling in the pros:

    #1: Check the Circuit Breakers

    If the air conditioner appears to be completely dead, anything could be wrong with it. It can require something as small and cheap as a $2 fuse. Or the air handler's motor could need replacing. But sometimes, all you need to do a reset a circuit breaker.

    Most commercial HVAC units will have a connection to a circuit breaker. Should the heater, air handler or air conditioner pull too much electricity, the circuit breaker trips and cuts off electricity to the unit. In some cases, a "broken" air conditioner is the result of a tripped circuit breaker. All you need to do is reset the breaker. This is as simple as flipping a switch.

    Assuming this fixes your air conditioner, carefully watch the unit. If the circuit breaker trips again, your air conditioner has a much more serious problem which will warrant calling an HVAC professional.

    #2: Check the Thermostat

    A thermostat is a fancy switch. It’s a switch that uses temperature to turn on or off the HVAC system. If the thermostat doesn’t work as it should, it can cripple the entire heating and cooling unit. So, if your air conditioner refuses to activate, make sure your thermostat works as intended. Perhaps it needs new batteries or dust removal. A can of compressed air works wonders at removing dust and allowing the metal contacts and thermostat sensor to work properly.

    Before you require the commercial services of an HVAC professional, you can try some basic troubleshooting steps. If those don’t work, reach out to our team at Smoak’s Comfort Control today.

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