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    Keep Your Office Flu-Free! 3 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

    Thursday, October 18, 2018  |  Smoak's Comfort Control

    office flu How do HVAC commercial services keep your employee productivity high? It’s all about the indoor air quality!

    Commercial services to keep your air quality in check are worth their weight in gold. Changing temperatures signal cold and flu season is on the way. Help prevent the spread of illness with appropriate air filtration and humidity control features. Not only will your employees be healthier and happier, there’s a good chance you’ll cut down on your electric bills. 
    Here are three ways expert heating and cooling services help keep your staff healthy and hard at work: 

    1. Improved Air Filtration

    In-house maintenance staff can change filters like clockwork, but do they know which filters are best for your specific HVAC model? Would they notice suspicious buildup? The details that count often require an expert’s touch. When you hire a professional commercial services team, you will quickly discover it’s an investment that pays off. The pros will ensure you get the air filters and maintenance services you need to keep your business’s air free of allergens and contaminants. Keeping your air as healthy as possible will reduce employee sickness and increase productivity—two things that are great for your business’s bottom line.

    2. Professional System Installation

    Unless you have an HVAC specialist onboard, it’s important to hire out the job when you need new heating and air conditioning system installation. It’s not just a matter of having the equipment in the right location in your building. The equipment needs to maintain the proper pressure to run optimally. Gaps in ductwork and drafty coverage can introduce and aggravate allergies and poor quality air into your employees’ workspace. The HVAC pros know how to get the installation job done right.

    3. Component Upgrades and Replacements

    Even the best heating and cooling equipment eventually wears out. Find an HVAC commercial services team you can trust to connect you with the best new products on the market. Get the most from your upgrades and keep your employees comfortable and healthy by ensuring components are in good working order.

    Ready to experience the health-boosting, productivity-enhancing benefits of working with the top HVAC commercial services team in the Charleston area? It’s time to get in touch with Smoak’s Comfort Control today. Connect with us online now or call 843-556-9550 to get started.

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