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Heat Pump Installation

Heat Pump Installation

If cutting energy costs and achieving ideal climate control are goals for your home or business, new heat pump installation is an important consideration. Heat pumps are becoming more and more popular in the Charleston, SC area thanks to their efficiency, affordability, and all in one package style, replacing the typical furnace and air conditioning unit.

While a heat pump installation is indeed an investment, it is one that can pay off in the long run as you experience lower energy bills and a more comfortable home or business.

What Should You Know about Heat Pump Installation?

Knowing the general facts about heat pump installation will help you make the best choice to meet your unique climate control needs. Here are some factors worth considering as you decide whether a new heat pump installation is right for you:

  • The size of the heat pump depends upon the size of your home or business. The heat pump pros at Smoak’s Comfort Control will help you determine the perfect pump for your house or facility. Naturally, the larger the heat pump, the more significant the expense will be, but it is important not to go too small with the heat pump in an effort to cut costs. The big energy savings come when you have the heat pump installation that matches up with your needs.
  • You have a choice between an air-source heat pump or a geothermal heat pump. While the air-source pump obviously creates heat from the air outside your home or business, a geothermal heat pump takes it from within the earth. Geothermal has a higher price tag for installation costs but typically has fewer needs for repair and maintenance than an air-source pump. Smoak’s heat pump experts can take a look at your unique needs to determine which pump makes the best financial sense for your situation.
  • Professional heat pump installation is essential. It is important to have installers who are highly-trained and specialize in heat pumps, whether you go with air-source or geothermal. Getting the installation done right the first time will give you peace of mind and save you significantly on future repair costs. Smoak’s technicians have extensive experience with all makes and models of heat pumps and will deliver timely installation services you can trust.

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